Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Dual Write implementation - Part 1

Goal is to have D365 FO and SCM data in CDS and automate it using Power Platform!!

In this post I will talk purely about how to implement dual write, there will be series of posts to address complete implementation cycle so stay tune.

Let's deep dive without any therotical information

Check you have access to
Choose right environment of CDS (CE)

Make sure you have access to the environment too, click on gear icon and Admin Center 

Look for required environment and Open it, you must have access as going forward you are going to configure dual write steps in the environment user the same user you are logged in now.

Now, go back to power platform admin center and follow these steps.

1. Resources
2. Dynamics 365 apps
3. Filter with word 'Dual'

Follow these steps and install first dual write solution 'Dual-write application orchestration solution'

Follow same steps to install 'Dual-write core solution'

Log on to CE environment and click on gear icon | Advance settings

Click on Settings little down arrow and select Security