Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easy Extended AX Table-Browser

During implementations and regular developments in AX, I observed that many consultants/developers open the tables from AOT in the Table-Browser and by hand attempt to add/delete the records by hitting Ctrl+N/Alt+F9 keys and often copies the records from the table-browser and paste them to excel for checking/saving/printing/... the table data. The distress of manually copying/pasting of records and recalling the control-keys can be avoided by simply extending the Table-Browser by adding the Standard data Toolbar to the form

Step-1: Go to the AOT and select \Forms\SysTableBrowser\Designs\Design
and then change the design property WindowType value from “Popup” to “Standard”

Fig1: Changing WindowType property value to “Standard”

Step-2: Save and compile the SysTableBrowser Form after changing the WindowType property value

Fig2: The original Table-Browser (WindowType property is “Popup”)

Fig3: Easy Extened Table-Browser with Standard-Toolbar (WindowType property is “Standard”)

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