Thursday, April 30, 2015

Unable to find appropriate service endpoint information in the configuration object Dynamics Ax 2012

"Unable to find appropriate service endpoint information in the configuration object Dynamics Ax 2012"

There can be multiple reasons to see this error while working on SSRS report in AX 2012. 

SSRS reports and AOS services communicate via WCF services and these WCF services are either not running on AOS or need to refresh under AX client configuration.

First would be, BIServices is not activated under System Administration > Setup > Services and Application Integration Framework > Inbound ports.

Second option to resolve this error is to refresh WCF configuration under Connection tab of Dynamics AX Client Configuration. 

This configuration file contains WSDL Port which is used to talk BIServices as shown above. If BIServices are activated in first step then import your AX configuration file into AX Configuration Utility and press Refresh Configuration button.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fiscal calendar period dates and status

Financial calendars can be created and accessed from General ledger > Setup > Financial calendars.

Fiscal calendar periods status (Open, On hold and Closed) can be changed from General ledger > Setup > Ledger > button.

Following job can be used to  get Start and End date of current Fiscal year

static void fiscalCalendarDates(Args _args)
    PeriodStart     periodStartDate;
    PeriodEnd       periodEndDate;

    periodStartDate = FiscalCalendarYear::findYearByCalendarDate(CompanyInfo::fiscalCalendarRecId(), systemDateGet()).StartDate;
    periodEndDate   = FiscalCalendarYear::findYearByCalendarDate(CompanyInfo::fiscalCalendarRecId(), systemDateGet()).EndDate;

    info(strFmt("%1", periodStartDate));
    info(strFmt("%1", periodEndDate));

    periodStartDate = FiscalCalendars::findFirstDayofYear(Ledger::find(Ledger::current()).FiscalCalendar, systemDateGet());
    periodEndDate   = FiscalCalendars::findLastDayofYear(Ledger::find(Ledger::current()).FiscalCalendar, systemDateGet());

    info(strFmt("%1", periodStartDate));
    info(strFmt("%1", periodEndDate));


Following job can be used to get the period status (Open, On hold and Closed)

static void checkFiscalCalendarPeriod(Args _args)
    TransDate               transDate = systemDateGet();
    RecId                   calendarRecId;
    FiscalCalendarPeriod    fiscalCalendarPeriod;

    calendarRecId = Ledger::fiscalCalendar(CompanyInfo::find().RecId);

    fiscalCalendarPeriod = FiscalCalendars::findPeriodByPeriodCodeDate(calendarRecId, transDate, FiscalPeriodType::Operating);

    if (transDate)
        if (! fiscalCalendarPeriod)
            checkFailed(strFmt("@SYS17614",date2StrUsr(transDate, DateFlags::FormatAll)));

        if (fiscalCalendarPeriod.currentLedgerPeriodStatus() !=  FiscalPeriodStatus::Open)
            checkFailed(strFmt("@SYS17615", date2StrUsr(transDate, DateFlags::FormatAll)));

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dynamics AX tab in MS Project Client

To open Dynamics AX project's WBS structure in MS Project, Microsoft Dynamics Add-in for Microsoft Project must be installed.

1. Open MS Project
2. Create a new blanl project
3. Select the File menu option
4. Select options there and click Add-Ins. You should see "Microsoft Dynamics AX Add-in for Microsoft Project"

If it is missed in the list of Active Application Add-Ins and is shown under Inactive Application Add-Ins list. You need to activate it.

  • To activate it; Click on Go...
  • A dialog will pop up and will let you select installed Add-Ins you want to activate.

After following these steps you will be able to see Dynamics AX tab in MS Project file.


MS Project client integration with AX 2012

This post covers the integration of MS Project Client with MS Dynamics AX 2012 R2 CU7.

Services setup in AX 2012

1. For the first time setup we have to deploy AifProjWBS service group from AOT in AX 2012

Project management and accounting parameters in AX 2012

2. Setup appropriate parameter for storing MS project files. In this example I am using Archive directory other option can be Sharepoint.
3. Folder path for Microsoft Project files to sit. It can be local directory path or UNC path. Please make sure UNC path must be accessible from the user you are logged-in in AX.

Default project categories

4. On the Journal tab of the Project management and accounting parameter screen, specifiy the default category for Hour transaction type.
Important: This is the category value that will be assigned to tasks when you sync with project file. Without this default value rows from Microsoft project file will not be imported into AX.

Setup project in AX 2012

5. Create a new project and make sure to specify the calendar

6. Click on Open in Microsoft Project.

7. MS project file opens

Optional: You can verify this file is generated in a path which you set in step 3.

8. Add new tasks here; in this example I have added "Sales" task and select default category "Hour"

9. Click on Publish; you will be notified by three options
  •     Publish New Project: You have to provide Project ID which will be imported into AX on sync
  •     Replace Existing Project: Be careful in selecting this option as it does exactly what it says. It REPLACES all activities in AX
  •     Save a template: This will create a new project template
10. On successful sync it will create/update the work breakdown structure for a project in AX 2012

11. You will notice yellow bar on top on WBS indicating that WBS is linked with MS project client and cannot be modified from AX client. 
12. At the same time you can see another button "Unlink from Microsoft Project" is enable which will allow you to edit your WBS in AX but this will break the link between AX and the project file generated.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Saving and Selecting voucher templates in AX 2012

Since there are numerous options available in AX 2012 to create journal lines very quickly from already saved voucher templates. Someone can go with the option which best suites their requirements out of these available options; Voucher Template, Periodic Journal, Allocation Rules and Accrual Schema.

This post is all about saving and selecting Voucher Template and here is how we can use this feature;

1. Under General ledger module > Journals > General journal form
2. Select a journal which you want to use as a source for Voucher Template

3. Click on Lines button to open journal lines

4. Click on Functionss > Save voucher template
Window will pop up with either one of the two options for Template type to select; Percent or Amount
Option Percent: Select the voucher template to use; click on OK and enter the amount of the general journal
Option Amount: Select the voucher template to use; click on OK

5. Create a new general jounal and on general journal lines form click Functions > Select Voucher templates

6. It will show you Saved voucher templates which we did in step 3

7. Select appropriate voucher template and Click OK
8. All jounral lines of voucher template will be moved to new created geneal journal lines form

Nice and easy option when we have to create several time the same journal lines and has been a most commonly used for long transactions.