Wednesday, June 18, 2014

AX 2012 - Import Free Text Invoices - Header and lines - from one excel file

I got a requirement to upload free text invoices into AX 2012 from one excel file. All the header and lines information was in one excel sheet so I had to came up with different solution than the import process described on many blogs or can be done through built in AX classes. However, those import process work perfectly if you have data into seperate files or only for one record.

Here is the  job which I used to import free text invoices into AX 2012. In this job I used a table CustomerInvoices (new created table) which contains the data of all excel file. You can easily find out how to import data from excel then instead of using this table you can directly use the excel rows to get the data and insert into Free Text Invoice tables.

static void CreateFTInvoicesFromTable(Args _args)
    CustInvoiceTable    custInvoiceTable;
    CustInvoiceLine     custInvoiceLine;
    CustTable           custTable;
    CustomerInvoices    customerInvoices; // Customized table
    Map                 customerFTI = new Map(Types::String, Types::String);
    Set                 failedCustAccount = new Set(Types::String);
    MapEnumerator       mapEnum;
    SetEnumerator       setEnum;
    LineNum             lineNum;


    while select customerInvoices
            order by customerInvoices.AccountNum
        if (!customerFTI.exists(customerInvoices.AccountNum) && !
            select custTable
                where custTable.AccountNum == customerInvoices.AccountNum;


            if (custTable.RecId != 0)
                custInvoiceTable.OrderAccount = custTable.AccountNum;
                custInvoiceTable.modifiedField(fieldNum(CustInvoiceTable, OrderAccount));
                custInvoiceTable.InvoiceId = customerInvoices.InvoiceId;
                lineNum = 0;
                customerFTI.insert(customerInvoices.AccountNum, custInvoiceTable.InvoiceId);
                if (!

        if (custInvoiceTable.RecId != 0)
            custInvoiceLine.LedgerDimension = customerInvoices.LedgerDimension;
            custInvoiceLine.Description     = customerInvoices.Description;
            custInvoiceLine.TaxGroup        = customerInvoices.TaxGroup;
            custInvoiceLine.TaxItemGroup    = customerInvoices.TaxItemGroup;
            custInvoiceLine.Quantity        = customerInvoices.Quantity;
            custInvoiceLine.UnitPrice       = customerInvoices.UnitPrice;
            custInvoiceLine.AmountCur       = customerInvoices.Quantity * customerInvoices.UnitPrice;
            custInvoiceLine.ParentRecId     = custInvoiceTable.RecId;         

            lineNum += 1;
            custInvoiceLine.LineNum = lineNum;


    mapEnum = customerFTI.getEnumerator();

    info(strFmt('Following Free Text Invoices are successfully created.'));

    while (mapEnum.moveNext())
        info(strFmt('Customer Account : %1 , Invoice Id : %2', mapEnum.currentKey(), mapEnum.currentValue()));

    if (!failedCustAccount.empty())
        info(strFmt('Following Customer Accounts are not valid.'));

        setEnum = failedCustAccount.getEnumerator();
        while (setEnum.moveNext())
            info(strFmt('Customer Account: %1', setEnum.current()));

Stopped (error): X++ Exception: Could not find user at SysWorkflowDueDateProvider

I developed a custom workflow and its setup its corresponding configuration, I was able to submit and everything but ended up getting the following error in my workflow history when the workflow system tried to assign it to user which is the part of managerial hierarchy.

"Stopped (error): X++ Exception: Could not find user at SysWorkflowDueDateProvider-resolve SysWorkflowDueDateProvider-resolveDueDate

I setup the workflow assignment for managerial hierarchy (position hierarchy) which was correctly setup under Human Resource > Common > Positions > Position hierarchy.

Later when I checked the worker association with users I found that under user relation screen the user IDs are wrongly associated with workers. Unfortunately this error message was coming due to wrong or missing worker and user assoication which is a must step for workflow to be processed perfectly.

Workflow always work on Employee (worker) level not on user level so user MUST be associated with the user. I hope this will help someone who runs into the same issue in the future.

SSRS permissions issue; cann't able to run from AX non admin user

Question: I have been facing the following issue while running SSRS reports from AX non-admin user. Please be informed that all the required permissions have been assigned from reporting service manager like content manager and browser…even I gave all.

There are three areas where I have to define the security.
1- Site Settings
2- Folder Settings
3- Individual Folder Security
I was missing the last one.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Virtual Machine is available

Microsoft has released the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 demo machine. Download is available at partnersource and customersource.
Early in Macy 2014 Microsoft release Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and can also be downloaded from the links mentioned in my previous post . At that time the application was general available and could be installed using the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 setup files or you could deploy a virtual machine on Azure.
This demo virtual machine can now be run at your own hardware using hyper-V as earlier demo machines versions use to run. However, this AX 2012 R3 demo machine is upgraded with latest Microsoft stack:
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • SQL Server 2014
  • SharePoint 2013 with SP1
  • Office 2013 with SP1
You can download the machine from either Customersource or Partnersource.