Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Run SSRS report from AX form

Continue from my previous post where I developed an example using all SSRS framework classes. One of them is controller class which is used to call SRS report from AX forms.

Just for the note controller class is used for following purposes.
  1. Modifying a report query based on the input data
  2. Modifying report contract data based on the input data
  3. Control a report parameters dialog
  4. Open different reports/designs from the same menu item based on the input data
  5. Reports that are opened from a form

Example; how to call report from AX form button/menuitembutton click

void clicked()
    CustOpenInvoices        custOpenInvoicesLocal;
    SrsReportRunController  controller = new FF_ReportController();
    SrsReportDataContract   contract;
    FF_ReportContract       rdpContractClass;
    controller.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(FF_Report, PrecisionDesign));

    contract = controller.parmReportContract();
    rdpContractClass = contract.parmRdpContract() as FF_ReportContract;


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