Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cannot open the datafile file axapden-us.alt

Faced following error after restoring Dynamics AX databases from one AOS server to other.

Cannot open the datafile "C:\Program Files\Microsoft DynamicsAX\60\Server\DAX2012R3\bin\Application\appl\Standard\axapden-us.alt"
Error code from the openrating system: errno = 13.
Look in file 'errno.h' or in the operating system documentation for an explanation. 

It was the account permssion issue. 
Make sure AOS service account must have added into Dynamics AX databases with full permissions (at least db_owner). This AOS service account manages the files located at above mentioned path in error.

In my Case;
Source AOS service was running with domain user account (DOMAIN\AOSService) and Destination AOS service was running under Network Service account. When I restored AX databases from source to destination it overwrite all user accounts in destination database, which means it deleted Network Service account.  
I had two options EITHER to add Network Service account which already has all the permissions as AX was installed from this account as mentioned above OR I have to provide full permissions to the domain user account (DOMAIN\AOSService) in destination Dynamics AX databases.


  1. These instructions are a bit confusing. If you get this error when connecting with the AX Client it means that the AOS Service account does not have the proper rights to the directory/file it is referencing.

    I received the same error above after I had changed out the AOS service account w. a different one. Make sure to go to each AOS and update the rights on this folder:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\Load_Test\bin\Application

    Go to Properties of the folder then Security, select advanced. Under Permissions the AOS service account needs the following:

    This Folder, Subfolders and Files

    List folder / Read Data
    Read Attributes
    Read Extended Attributes
    Create Files / write data
    Create Folders / append Data
    Write Attributes
    Write Extended Attributes
    Read Permissions

    After creating this permission, create another permission for your AOS account

    Subfolders and Files Only

    Traverse folder / execute file

    This should fix the issue.

    1. Hi Justin,
      Thanks for your comment - this can be another way of assigning permissions to the AOS service user. I have updated my post a little bit to make it clear with two different options with my case. I followed these steps and it worked for me.

    2. Faisal, perhaps the answer is two-fold. I had already updated the rights for the AOS service account needed on the DB's in SQL and didn't factor that in to my comment. After that, I still got the error above. I then had to update the rights on the files themselves on each AOS for the new service account. Thanks for your post. It helped me get to the solution of my problem and I wanted to share what else I did to fix the issue.

    3. Glad to know it helped to resolve your issue. Your comments also gave me other options to check if I see this issue in future.


I will appreciate your comments !

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