Thursday, May 14, 2015

Use enum values and unbounded table fields in insert_recordset

insert_recordset is one the greatest enhancement in AX 2012 which allows us to insert records from one to another table in single client-server trip. This is an X++ SQL statement and is similar to update_recordset which i explained in my this post.

Sometime we may require to insert values into destination table's column which do not exists in source table's column. 
To elaborate it more let's have an example and then I will explain you how it works;
static void testJob(Args _args) {
ProjTable projTable, projTableInsert; ProjStatus enumValue = ProjStatus::Created; str 30     strValue = "test"; update_recordSet projTable Setting Name = "test" where projTable.projId == "Foobar";
insert_recordset projTableInsert (Name, ProjId) select strValue, ProjId from projTable where projTable.projId == "Foobar";
// You can set to an enum value, providing that update_recordSet projTable Setting status = ProjStatus::Created where projTable.projId == "Foobar";
insert_recordset projTableInsert (Status, ProjId) //select ProjStatus::Created, ProjId        NOT ALLOWED select enumValue, ProjId from projTable where projTable.projId == "Foobar"; }
I have two variables StrValue of string type and enumValue of enum (ProjStatus) type. 
You can set enum value directly into update_recordset but this is NOT ALLOWED in insert_recordset. For this reason I declared a variable enumValue and used later in insert_recordset statement.

another complex example for insert_recordset;
// I created this method to insert records into customized table (JobProfitDetailsSw) from different tables.
private void insertPurchaseOrderTypeProjCostTrans(ProjId   _projId)
    JobProfitDetailsSW     jobProfitDetailsSW;
    ProjCostTrans             projCostTrans;
    VendInvoiceJour         vendInvoiceJour;

    str 20              jobProfitSourceSw = enum2str(JobProfitSourceSw::BCIInvoice);
    str 20              jobProfitTypeSw = enum2str(JobProfitTypeSw::Cost);

    insert_recordset jobProfitDetailsSW
        (Amount, Description, JobProfitSourceStr, JobProfitTypeStr, ProjectDate, ProjId, CategoryId)
    select sum(TotalCostAmountCur), Txt, jobProfitSourceSw, jobProfitTypeSw, AsOfDate, _projId, CategoryId
        from projCostTrans
    group by Txt, projId, CategoryId
        where projCostTrans.TransDate           <= AsOfDate &&
              projCostTrans.TransactionOrigin   == ProjOrigin::PurchaseOrder &&
              projCostTrans.ProjId              == _projId
    join vendInvoiceJour
        group by Purchid
        where vendInvoiceJour.LedgerVoucher == projCostTrans.VoucherJournal;

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