Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to: Generate number sequence for new developed module in AX 2012

In this post I am going to create a number sequence for newly developed module in AX 2012. 

1. Add a new element in NumberSeqModule baseenum with your new module name

2. Create a new Class NumberSequenceModuleModuleName extends NumberSequenceModule

3. Override loadModule method by adding the parameters of the sequence

    NumberSeqDatatype datatype = NumberSeqDatatype::construct();

    //Message ID: MessageID is a new EDT of string type

    datatype.addParameterType(NumberSeqParameterType::DataArea, true, false);

4. Override numberSeqModule method

   public NumberSeqModule numberSeqModule()  
     return NumberSeqModule::NewModule;  

5. Create new job to load number sequence

   static void MessageIDNumSeqLoad(Args _args)

6. Go to Organisation Administration | Common Forms | Number sequences | Number Sequences | Generate and follow the wizard to end to generate number sequence for new module.

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