Saturday, January 21, 2017

MS D365 - Development Exam - A brief outlook

Having passed the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Development Introduction exam (MB6-890), here are few thoughts on the exam which might help someone who is planning to appear in this exam.

If you are an experienced AX developer and have worked on AX 2012 - you don't need to worry.

Having said this "You don't need to worry", It would be the wiser step to watch all videos from

You can visit the Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal and access it via your CustomerSource Account or PartnerSource Account.

The exam will consist of 90 Questions and you will have 115 minutes to complete.

Brief outlook of the exam;

1. Basic X++ knowledge - For , do...while and while loops understanding and code flow

2. Extended data types - what properties can be extended from parent EDT
3. Menu item properties - key properties of menu items
4. Types of menu items and which one used for what purpose
5. Base enumeration - how these get stored in database
6. Table relationship and indexes
7. Class inheritance - spend more time on this topic (worth to read 
8. Best practices and advantages of creating labels instead hard code text
10. Understand Application stack and Server architecture
11. Update model dependencies 
12. Check Break statement in switch cases
13. Exception handling
14. How to check properties of an element in Visual Studio
15. Security structure in AX
16. Form Patterns
17. See ttsbegin and ttsCommit statement in insert statements
18. Naming convention - check camelCase naming convention
19. How to configure build option in Visual Studio
20. Projects, model and Packages
21. Use of resources

Additionally and the most important step towards success is; Download D365 virtual machine (link) and practice with creating a small project. This really gives you hands-on experience rather purchasing dumps.

Get yourself registered for the exam;

For list of Microsoft Dynamics Certifications

Finally, If you ever need any help from my side please feel free to contact me. Wish you best of luck!!!

Happy Dax!ng


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