Sunday, March 5, 2017

AX 2012 : Add/Remove Dynalink through X++

DynaLinks can be removed and added between datasources on form using this code;

ClearDynaLinks() will remove all existing dynaLinks [these can be seen by right click on the click > Personalise > Query tab > under dataSource node

AddDynalink() method has three parameters;

1. Source table field

2. Destination table
3. Destination table field

The following code is implemented in the Click event of a button.

void clicked()
    SalesQuotationLine_ds.query().dataSourceNo(1).addDynalink(fieldNum(SalesQuotationLine, QuotationId),

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  1. Hi Faisal,
    Would you explain it to me which one is Parent table and which one is Child table?


I will appreciate your comments !

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