Monday, April 10, 2017

AX 2012: Reading XML Nodes through X++

XML to read

X++ Code

XmlDocument     doc;
XmlNodeList     xmlScriptList;
XmlNodeList     xmlResponseList;
XmlNodeList     xmlTemplateList;
XmlElement      nodeScript;
XmlElement      nodeResponse;
XmlElement      nodeTemplate;
XMLParseError   xmlError;
str xmlMsg;
int i, j;
// Create the XML Document
doc = new XmlDocument();
// Verify XML Document Structure
xmlError  = doc.parseError();
if(xmlError && xmlError.errorCode() != 0)
    throw error(strFmt("XML Error: %1", xmlError.reason()));
// Get the root element and its child nodes
nodeScript = doc.getNamedElement("ns2:return");
xmlScriptList = nodeScript.childNodes();
for(i=0; i < xmlScriptList.length(); i++)
    nodeResponse = xmlScriptList.item(i);
    xmlResponseList = nodeResponse.childNodes();
    for (j=0; j < xmlResponseList.length(); j++)
        nodeTemplate = xmlResponseList.item(j);
        xmlTemplateList = nodeTemplate.childNodes();
        if (nodeTemplate.selectSingleNode('id'))
           info(strFmt("ID: %1", nodeTemplate.getNamedElement("id").text()));
        if (nodeTemplate.selectSingleNode('messageTemplateName'))
           info(strFmt("messageTemplateName: %1", nodeTemplate.getNamedElement("messageTemplateName").text()));

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