Saturday, January 6, 2018

D365 platform update 12 (7.3): Admin access changes

The Microsoft team did release platform update 12 for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition 7.3. There have been few changes concerning accessibility (admin access on VMs).

Starting with platform update 12 users do not have admin access to D365 VMs hosted on the Microsoft subscription.

Which means:

1.    You can only log in with the "builtin\Userxxxxxxxxx" account and not the “builtin\axlocaladmin” account anymore.
Prior to PU12 7.3

With PU12 7.3

2.    IIS Express is used as the web server instead of IIS

3.    IIS Express runs when Visual Studio is running 

4.    Visual Studio cannot be run as Administrator anymore (you are not the local admin anymore on your development VM L ). Just double click Visual Studio shortcut or run it from start.

Admin access to development virtual machines can only be achieved with following options;

1.    Host a development VM on a separate Azure subscription

2.    Deploy VM with an older platform update than PU12 and then upgrade platform update (This option will not work for 7.3)


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