Interview questions AX

70 interview questions in microsoft dynamics AX

1. Major customization on forms, tables (That you have faced)

2. What is cluster installation?

3. Table collections?

4. Steps in creating number sequence?

5. Any module you are good at.

6. Collection classes

7. Tables in inventory

8. If you manipulate anything which layer would it affect?

9. Steps in data migration.

10. How to add a lookup in a form

11. What is temporary table and in which context is it used?

12. What are the components in reports?

13. How many types of classes are there?

14. RunBase framework and runbase classes

15. Development tools

16. Communication tools

17. Difference between auto generated specs and generated design specs

18. Display and edit method.

19. Can you say few best practises in ax.

20. Elements in AOT.

21. Can you have graphical representation of ssrs?

22. Steps for ssrs.

23. Steps in ssas.

24. What is the difference between sql queries and dynamics queries.

25. What is the difference between x++ and c#?

26. Installation steps in ax.

27. Difference between doupdate and updates

28. Different delete actions

29. Active, Passive, Delayed joins

30. What can’t you store in containers

31. Difference between arrays and containers

32. Logic for converting string to uppercase

33. Override methods in tables, forms

34. What is super() used for?

35. What is init method?

36. What are the sequence of methods while running a report?

37. What is EDT?

38. What is JumpRef()?

39. About form/ reports/ tables methods.

40. D.B Abstract and final class.

41. D.B ValidateWrite and write.

42. What is dialoge class.

43. Pack and Unpack method.

44. Number of elements in enum.

45. Architecture of MS dynamics AX.

46. Tell us about AIF(MSMQ).

47. What is perspectives?

48. How to design a form in AX using X++?

49. What is report builder?

50. What is Index, properties in Index and types of Index?

51. Any knowledge about Share Point.

52. Concept of Different Layer in AX.

53. difference between temporary table and container?

54. difference between bound and unbound controls?

55. what are maps and which method we use in maps?

56. classes in AIF?

57. how to create runtime query?

58. difference between pass by reference and pass by value?

59. types of relations(normal,field fixed,related field fixed)?

60. what are delete actions?

61. how to access tables of different companies(crosscompany)?

62. What is optimistic concurrency control?

63. What are transactions?

64. how to lock a transactions?

65. what are macros?

66. what is the default link type property?

67. difference between validate write and validate field?

68. Do we have validate write and validate field in form level?

69. what are the methods required for posting a purchase order?

70. how to give null in select query?


  1. I appreciate your efforts. This is great help.

  2. where are the answers sir? It doesn't help any AX interview candidate with just questions w/o answers.

    1. Read books and on-line material to get answers.


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